What Others Say About My Work

Over so many years of working with a wide variety of clients, you might imagine I’ve picked up a few comments about the work I do. Here are acknowledgements from a few of my clients that excelled with mentoring:

“I got more organized, focused and committed in my work. In three months, my sales volume doubled and referrals increased by 15%!” Manager, Automotive Repair Chain

“We tripled production and increased quality 30%. Morale and teamwork have improved dramatically too.” — Manager, Electronics Manufacturing Company

“Ric understands the management and organizational sides of running a business, as well as the importance of having a satisfying personal life.”Marketing Consultant

“My mentor asks the big questions, the ones that make us look ahead. He keeps pointing us toward our vision. Every time I call, magic happens!” — President, Marketing Development Company

“My productivity has increased by 35% and stress has decreased 75%. Mentoring has helped me effectively manage and focus fully on the things that are essential.” — Partner, Marketing Firm

“Keeps me on track, focused, in balance.” — Health Professional

“I’ve experienced breakthroughs in my business, developed greater momentum, and have the resources and inspiration to achieve my goals.” — Professional Speaker

“I go for goals that I normally would only dream about and convinced I wouldn’t achieve. The impact in my professional and personal life is far beyond what I anticipated.” — Health Professional

“Ric is passionate about helping others succeed, whether it’s the businesses he’s consulting with or those he’s mentoring—both receive his full attention, brilliance, and thoughtful insights into what will help them thrive while achieving their vision. Ric has an incredible understanding of both people and processes, and he brings these qualities—in addition to his depth and breadth of real-world, practical business experience—to all that he touches. If your business or organization is falling short of your dreams of what it can become, take advantage of a free consultation session with Ric to see how he can help you achieve your dream.” — Don McCrea, Your Business Legacy

“What do you say about a man who has had such a profound effect on your life? That is what one can expect in working with Ric. I should know, I have come back to his teachings, his workbook, and himself on repeated occasions when I have found myself need direction or extra help up the hill. He has the knowledge, tools, and experience to help you make a profound, fundamental shift in your personal dynamic, the question is: are you ready to take the path less traveled and let your heart learn to sing?” — Henry Mengoli, Luxalma

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