Why Choose Me?

It fires my soul to help others get more of what they authentically want and works for them. I love supporting businesses to grow intelligently, to the next level and beyond. And I love seeing my clients grow from being an independent technical specialist to a highly capable and successful business owner that specializes in their chosen field.

What’s most important to me is supporting my clients’ business development, getting the right clients, to help them become more effective and resourceful, improve their bottom line, perform at their personal best, and derive more satisfaction from doing meaningful work with more ease. Maybe having an ally like me would be valuable to you…

My odd journey…

Frustrated by an array of issues from early in life, I desperately sought how to succeed in life and learn all I could. I was committed to continuous improvement before that was a thing! …And I loved being of service to others.

Since I was 21, I uncovered ways to make it easy for others to do what worked and produced the best possible results. I discovered I could see bottlenecks, inconsistencies and waste that others couldn’t: the solutions I put in place produced substantially superior results in productivity, profitability and consistency.

I sought consistently reproducible ways to generate great results, what became know as “best practices,” in my life, and with the firms and non-profits I helped. The easier and more methodical ways to do things meant there was more available to innovate, respond appropriately, and recognize opportunities.

Initially, my focus was in operations, logistics, project management, technical training and management. As I tackled areas that had been challenging for me and gained mastery, those hard-won victories gradually revealed talents that also encompassed marketing, sales, etc: finding methods for making more and more areas of business predictably superior.

Having walked this path in my own life and in my work, being relentlessly, compassionately committed to my clients’ success, and with my other innate talents, I help them progress one step at a time to reach their goals and beyond, more naturally and easily. I get to help clients turn their company into a profitable machine that’s easier to run and delivers quality to their customers.

Superior businesses…

With the right systems, the right tools, and one’s inner resources aligned with your actions, you become a formidable force: working in sync can make you unstoppable. It simply makes good business sense to consistently invest in yourself, just as much as your facilities and equipment: after all, humans created everything that exists in business … every brilliant product, strategy, and so on.

I consistently invest in improving my skills and tools, which I bring to helping my clients to maximize their progress in reaching and exceeding their goals. Getting your thinking and actions working together, in the most effective ways possible, leads to dramatic new, desired results.

“Excellence is not an act, but a habit.” — Aristotle

The manual typewriter was a very valuable communication tool for about two centuries, but few use one today. We still imprint and broadcast words that look much the same as in Gutenberg’s time, but our tools have evolved far beyond Gutenberg’s press and the typewriter.

So, too, the methods for managing a business have evolved from those still being used by most. Out of new ways of thinking about what we do, more profitable ways to do business are born, new directions bear abundant returns.

If this speaks to something in you, then I encourage you to schedule a brief complimentary session, now.  I look forward to helping you boost the performance of your company, attracting the right clients, boosting profits, improving and growing your business… with more ease.

Ric Lobosco
Founder, Performance Allies