Elements: Experience, Skills, Techniques and Distinctions Make Mentoring Powerful

Mentoring: deep experience in managing and transforming businesses.  A mentor has successfully traveled the path before, and led others on that path, developing their protege to tackle greater achievements on their own.

Business and management consulting: expertise in effective practices, and the nature of effective systems in business.

Coaching is an objective relationship and structure that provides support, feedback, accountability and perspective.

objective, adj., based on facts; unbiased; impartial; impersonal

A good mentor (or coach) provides questions, support and feedback designed to give the client the most accurate view possible.  That professional is not biased by the client’s ego, politics or insecurities.  Focused on the client’s goals and success, this ally does not bring the conflicting agendas or preconceived judgments that subordinates, mates, friends or others may have regarding you, your business or choices.

support, n., to serve as a foundation for, sustain, advocate, add strength to or encourage (a person, the mind, spirits, courage, etc.)

A good mentor (or coach) acts as a committed ally, supporting the client to accomplish more, pressing the client to go beyond any perceived barriers.

feedback, n., furnishing of data so that behavior may influence or modify further performance

A good mentor (or coach) is committed to the client’s success in their work (and life).  When called for, feedback is designed to keep the client on track towards their goals, with an accurate picture of themselves, their actions, their work, likely outcomes for their business and their life.

accountability, n., an ability to be responsible or answerable; subject to report

The client holds themselves accountable to the impartial professional ally in consistently focusing on and pursuing their goals.  The client gives full focus to those things that are of greatest import, and less to distractions.  A good mentor (or coach) acts as a nonjudgmental conscience, holding the client’s goals in front of the client rigorously, but compassionately.

perspective, n., the state of one’s ideas; the facts known to one, etc., in having a meaningful interrelationship; the faculty of seeing all the relevant data in a meaningful relationship

A good mentor (or coach) helps the client consistently hold a larger view of their thinking and actions.

In addition, I bring powerful techniques for helping the client develop new perspectives and capabilities in various ways.  The “new thinking” you develop not only provides you with fresh insights and resourcefulness for the specific challenge you face, but can be drawn upon in meeting diverse challenges yet to come. 

My work as your ally is designed to help you consistently produce superior results in your work and enjoy greater fulfillment from both your work and life.  My clients develop greater clarity, creativity and motivation.  Finally, my clients develop their management skills to new levels of effectiveness.

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